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Hello everyone! I can’t believe that Christmas is already over & we are about to begin a New Year in a few days.  We had our dinner on the 24th because my sister and my dad had work on the 25th. Nonetheless, the dinner was peaceful and amazing. Moving on to the main topic. I’ve seen a lot of blog posts and YouTube videos of the same topic. I thought it’s fun if I make one of my own. Here’s a little run down of the things I’ve received on Christmas!

The first two things that I got was an Eye Mask from Sephora & the Amuse Bouche Lipstick Duo from the brand BITE. I’m excited to try on the eyes mask. It’ll be my first time trying it. For the lipstick, the only shade that I’ll be using is FIG. Personally, I don’t think I can rock a foiled lip look.

Here’s a few goodies from a very good friend. First of the list is the Petal-Soft Hand Cream in British Rose. This is from the brand The Body Shop. Next is a long sleeve shirt from the Beverly Hills Polo Club. This is good in layering up for cold weather. Next on the list is the Nars Velvet Shadow Stick in the shade Glenan. You can wear this alone or use as a base to intensify a powder shadow.  The last thing that she gave me is the Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in Rosewood No. 09. The packaging on this single shadow is very sleek and fancy. I’m looking forward to use it one of these days.

Another friend and co-worker gave me a scented candle from Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in Raspberry Filled flavor. This stuff smells amazing! She also added a picture frame with our group picture on her wedding day.

The gift that I’m most excited about is this baby right here! It is a late Anniversary & Christmas gift from my boyfriend. I’ve been wanting to buy the Canon EOS T3i for the longest time now but I’m lucky enough to get the most recent version which is the Canon EOS T6i. This camera came in a bundle of accessories. I can’t thank him enough for giving me this very special gift. Unfortunately  I don’t have pictures of all the accessories. If you want to see what is included on the bundle, you can click the link above.

And that’s all I got for Christmas. I hope that you guys don’t see this post as me bragging or anything like that. I wish you guys had fun on Christmas as much as I did.

What is you favorite Christmas gift this year? Leave your comment down below.

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